Hello, my name is Ricky Burns and I want to be your next councilwoman for Jefferson Parish, District 3. I would like to take a minute to tell you about myself. I am a nurse by profession & a woman who values life. I am a graduate of Charity School of Nursing. I work in the specialty of mental health. I currently work as an emergency room psychiatric nurse & see the challenges patients who have mental illness deal with on the daily basis. I deal with the mental health crisis our society is suffering & desire to propose changes that would aid our community. I have a non-profit that works with the mentally ill, providing home care services, assisting those who are unable to. I have worked closely with Jefferson, Orleans & St. John Parish entities in facilitating mental health services. I am a graduate of John Ehret High School in 1980. After graduation I became a LPN and practiced for 20 years, then returning to school to acquire my RN. I am a proud mother of one son Corbin Burns. Lastly I am a grateful recovering addict of 24 years and would not be here without it that experience. I am a woman of faith who knows, “All good thing come from my Heavenly Father and without Him I am nothing!“
  • As a mother I know the concerns of our community and recognize the  need to care for our children holistically and give guidance.
  • As a nurse I will continue to champion for the best healthcare District 3  can have, with emphasis on improving mental health services.
  • As a business owner I bring management skills and will fight for better  paying jobs in our district.

Will you join me in making a better district 3, I need your help, support, prayer and your VOTE.